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Built On Relationships

Hilltop Holdings was born from one simple idea — the creation of a diversified financial services holding company through acquisitions and organic growth.

Along with a commitment to disciplined acquisition and continual growth, Hilltop is distinguished by its relationship-centric approach to business. For more than 20 years, we have connected customers to opportunities. We enable businesses to thrive, economies to prosper, and help individuals to realize their ambitions.

At Hilltop Holdings, as well as at each of our subsidiaries, we strive to build the strongest possible long-term relationships with our clients and business partners — relationships based on mutual trust, integrity, and adherence to our core values.

The experiences of the last 20 years have formed the character of Hilltop. A glance at our history explains why we believe in capital strength, disciplined acquisitions, organic growth, and in building long-term relationships with customers. From our beginnings in manufactured home communities to our expansion into online banking, credit and lending, mortgage origination, and wealth management, our commitment to customers has been our focus from day one.

Future Growth
A Small Investment

What began as a minor investment in 2005 has bloomed into one of Texas’ premier financial institutions. The journey began with Hilltop Holdings’ Chairman Gerald J. Ford, one of the nation’s most accomplished financial services executives.

Known for his ability to transform distressed assets into thriving financial institutions, Mr. Ford initiated Hilltop’s path to prominence by investing in and joining the board of Affordable Residential Communities Inc. (ARC).

Mr. Ford leveraged 40 years of M&A experience—including the acquisition, consolidation, and development of banks and holding companies—to turn ARC into more than just an investment vehicle. By 2008, under Ford’s guidance, ARC re-branded as Hilltop Holdings. All it needed was the right opportunity.

Preparation Meets Opportunity
The Right Opportunity

In 2010, after spending time on Wall Street and in private equity, Jeremy Ford joined the helm of Hilltop. Together, the Ford family began laying the foundation for a family of diverse financial services companies, investing in respected Texas-based institutions and pursuing the acquisition of banks.

Two years later, Hilltop acquired PlainsCapital Corporation, a community-oriented bank with a diverse business model, a strong reputation, and deep Texas roots. PlainsCapital Bank assumed its role as the financial cornerstone of Hilltop Holdings, and a model for a much grander scale.

By 2016, Hilltop had set the groundwork for future growth. The company embarked on unifying its subsidiaries and building a scalable, best-in-class shared services operations platform.

A New Generation Lays the Groundwork
A Platform for Growth

Today, Hilltop Holdings is the preeminent financial services franchise Gerald J. Ford envisioned in 2005.

The franchise is anchored by PlainsCapital Bank, a strong Texas-based commercial bank, and enhanced by two powerful fee businesses with a national presence: PrimeLending, a leading mortgage originator, and HilltopSecurities, a prominent municipal investment bank.

Hilltop’s subsidiaries work in synergy, leveraging a diverse set of revenue sources designed to offset challenged economic and interest rate environments. With this model in place, Hilltop is well positioned to generate value, grow its businesses, and deploy excess capital in pursuit of strategic bank acquisitions.

A Synergistic and Diverse Business Model
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